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Hi~ I'm Lilian Tanver, writer of the Garden City stories~

I write kinky, happy, consenting fetish, with a healthy dose of emotions, story, fantasy, and sci-fi!~

I also do commissions and Fanfiction!~

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So, I'm gonna be honest, I've been struggling to write over the past few days, depression kicking me in the teeth and the like, but I feel like I'm getting a little back into the groove, so, here's what's hopefully gonna happen.

Main storylines are gonna go on a week or two hiatus, in the meantime, I wanna write stories in the Gardenverse, I wanna write lore and details and silly little extra kink tales in that universe, so, tell me what you wanna see!

What parts of the Gardenverse pique your curiosity, what kinks should I explore or aspects of the society should I write about, tell me in the comments, and I'll make a list and work through it when I need a break from the main stories!
Do you make art? I wanna know what my watchers do!
21 deviants said I like to draw/write/fiddle!
8 deviants said I'm not and never was!
1 deviant said I'm a pro artist!
No deviants said I used to be!

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"Emily?" Lena whispered, her voice a mix of awkwardness and anticipation, as she straddled Emily's naked form. Emily squirmed beneath her, red locks of wavy hair cascading around her neck and shoulders, concealing little and contrasting with her pale freckled skin. Her arms were pulled up above her head, bound with cheap cuffs to the headboard of their old-fashioned bed. One of Lena's ties was affixed over Emily’s eyes as a makeshift blindfold, completing the simple, though still intimidating bondage she found herself in.

"Yeah..?" Emily asked, her voice shy and nervous. She felt anxious, though she could not quite articulate why. It had been her idea, after all, her fantasy, revealed with blushing cheeks over wine and a home cooked dinner. Fantasy, however, was rather different to reality, and she felt ever so vulnerable and at her partners mercy, it was almost frightening.

Lena leant down, and gently laid upon Emily's bare chest as if to give some reassurance with her physical presence. "Are you sure you're up for this love? You're.. a little quiet is all," Lena mused, her hands gently caressing Emily's sides with soft, grounding motions.

Emily blushed slightly, hesitation held her tongue, though only for a moment. "I.. I want to do this, Lena, I promise," Emily replied, her voice shaky, anxiety and arousal mixing together like milk and coffee. Lena nodded, her characteristic smirk spreading across her lips as she returned to her upright position, her hands still caressing Emily's sides.

"If you're sure, then, shall we go?" Lena asked, her voice quivering with both anxiety and arousal to match Emily's own. Emily nodded in response, once again squirming under Lena's pelvis as she sat on Emily's hips. Lena grinned and nodded, she had no real idea of what she was doing, though that had rarely stopped her before.

Lena's hands caressed upwards along Emily's sides, from her curvaceous hips and slender waist to the sides of her ample bust and breasts. Lena smiled and paused for just a moment. With a tickling touch, she moved her hands to the bosom laid bare before her, and gently began to knead Emily's breasts within her hands.

A pleasured whine escaped from Emily's lips in instant response to the teasing Lena chose to inflict, prompting Lena to continue her gentle, catlike kneading. "Aww, sensitive love?" Lena mused, her voice filled with faux confidence, in an effort to sound dominant. "You always love it when I play with em, don't you?"

Emily purred and arched her back gently as Lena spoke, her dominant words penetrating Emily's mind delightfully, just as she had dreamt of all those nights before. "Mmmph.. Yeah.. I.. I love it," Emily whined, squirming beneath her inexperienced dominant and pulling at the leather cuffs holding her arms in place.

Lena smirked, her forefingers and thumbs wandering to the small pink nubs that stood to attention atop Emily's voluptuous bust. Lena gently began to apply pressure, pinching Emily's perky nipples and rolling them between her fingers and thumbs, intent on witnessing the imminent response.

Emily could not help but moan and cry out. Her nipples were oh so sensitive and vulnerable as she laid in her predicament. "Hehe, yeah that's what I wanted to hear," Lena said, her confidence growing as she pinched more firmly upon Emily's sensitive spots. Emily bit her lip in an attempt to stifle the growing noises of aroused need that had begun to slip from her lips, though it was to no avail.

Lena pulled upwards upon Emily's nipples, letting the weight of her breasts tug against the sensitive nubs and pull them from between her fingertips. Emily panted ever so gently. Her body was aflame, hot and needy, though she knew Lena would not give her release so quickly, for it was not the nature of the scene they had agreed upon.

Lena cupped Emily's chin in her fingers and leant down to kiss Emily upon her parted, pursed lips. Emily reciprocated with eagerness, desperate and needy, despite how she had been trying to hide it. Lena broke the kiss and gazed down at Emily's blindfolded face. Lena could not help but smile as she admired the beauty of her partner, her pale skin dyed blue in the gentle glow of Lena's chronal accelerator that sat in the corner of the bedroom and provided the little light Lena needed to properly perform as Emily's dominant partner.

"You're so pretty, Emi," Lena whispered, lowering her face down to nuzzle into Emily's neck affectionately. "Like a Goddess, y'know? But I guess.. in this situation, I'm the Goddess" Lena continued, planting kisses upon Emily's neck and shoulder, her words filled with dominant love and an erotic need that matched Emily's own

"That.. That so?" Emily purred as Lena planted kisses, one by own down her shoulder and upon her collarbone.

Lena smiled and nodded. "Maybe we're both Goddesses, like Sappho," Lena whispered, prompting a small chuckle from Emily. "What?" Lena asked, her eyebrow cocked as she took a pause from her kissing to look up at Emily curiously.

"Sappho was a poet, love," Emily said, her voice cheerful as if the small talk washed away the anxiety she had initially felt. Lena frowned playfully, and sunk her teeth into Emily's shoulder lightly in response, prompting a sudden, erotic yelp.

Lena gently dug her teeth deeper into Emily's flesh and enjoyed the helpless squirming that came as a result. Pleasured moans spiked with whimpers of pain escaped Emily's lips, once again increasing in a fevered need for pleasure and climax.

Lena released her grasp upon Emily's shoulder and returned to planting kisses upon her naked form. Lena moved slowly, lingering upon each kiss to take in the scent of her beloved. Along Emily's collarbone, and down between her breasts, Lena kissed Emily's bound and needy form.

Lena smiled, planting a final kiss on Emily's diaphragm, before sitting up and gazing down at her submissive partner. Lena felt overcome, love for the woman beneath her overflowed within her mind and almost brought a tear to her eye in the process. Lena took a deep breath, and ran her hands through the short and spiky brown hair atop her head, before exhaling, and preparing for the finale.

"You want it, don't you?" Lena whispered as she gazed down, at Emily beneath her. Emily nodded, her body limp and hot, so aroused that she felt as though Lena must be able to feel the heat radiating off her freckled skin. Lena smiled, and once again cupped Emily's chin in her fingers. "I want you to say it, Emily," Lena whispered, her words once again spiked with the dominant confidence Emily delighted in.

"I... I.. Want it.." Emily responded, her voice shaky, submissive and aroused. "I want it,~" she said once more, confidence radiating, though no less submissive or erotic in its tone.

Lena smiled, satisfied, and slipped from her position straddling Emily's hips. With slow movements upon the bed, that caused the mattress springs to gently creak beneath her, Lena moved downwards towards Emily's bare legs. With her hands, Lena gently parted Emily's thighs and positioned herself between them, her eyes affixed on the sensitive delight between them as she leaned in close.

"Alright love, I'll give it to you.~"
First Timers (TracerXEmily Overwatch erotica)
Is this good? I dunno, I've had so little energy recently to write so it's been hard for me to give you the content you expect, I'll recover though, that's for sure, for now, enjoy Emily and Lena enjoying an evening of light bedroom BDSM

This story went up early on my Patreon, put in a dollar a month and get early stories + extras! 

Wanna chat? Discord server:

Wanna support me? Patreon: + Ko-fi link:
Don't worry, by the way, I haven't stopped writing! I'm just in the process of planning out the next 30 or so chapters of three new arcs! look forward to Academy Days 2, Nightmare Tax, and something completely new!

Overwatch fanfiction, however, will probably go up tonight cause I'm in a junk food mood


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